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Covid Protection Policy


To safeguard members, patrons and visitors, the Alman Dramatic Club adheres to the following protocol, agreed with Clackmannanshire Council.


  1. We expect that all patrons, members and audience members will have been appropriately vaccinated.
  2. We would ask where possible that attendees take a lateral flow test on the day of the performance, or one day previously and that the result is ‘negative’.
  3. We expect that attendees will arrive at the Coach House Theatre wearing a mask.
  4. Masks should be kept on for the duration of the performance.
  5. Attendees must sit only on the seats they have booked.
  6. We ask that people should not turn round to face others whilst seated.
  7. We ask that everyone, apart from those with medical or mobility issues, takes a break outdoors at the interval, when the auditorium will be disinfected.
  8. For selected performances, the seating capacity of 63 will be reduced by approximately a third to facilitate flexibility.
  9. We trust that everyone will respect this policy so that we are all safe and our audiences can be encouraged to come back to the theatre.

Our Front of House team will do everything they can to make this a success. In all instances, the final decision as to what is, and what is not acceptable will rest with the Front of House Manager.