The Alman Dramatic Club

at The Coach House Theatre, Alloa

Coach House Theatre


Coach House
The Coach House Theatre

The Alman Dramatic Club perform the vast majority of plays at Alloa’s unique 63 seater performance venue, the Coach House Theatre. It was built in the early 1900s as the coach house for the Patons of Inglewood. It later became a garage for the family’s cars and stood empty for a number of years.

The Coach House in 1960

Discovered by a club member in the early 1950s, the hayloft had great potential as a rehearsal space for the club. By 1957, it was transformed into what was originally called The Hay Loft Theatre, but renamed in 1959 as the Coach House Theatre. Since that time it has been the permanent home of the Alman Dramatic Club.

Initally renting the building, the club invested many hours and considerable expenses into making many improvements over the years - not least of which included running water, heating and electricity! In 2003 the club were able to reach an agreement with the Church of Scotland to purchase the The Coach House and embarked on a series of further works including the replacement of the aging roof.

roof repairs
Roof repairs at the Coach House, 2011

In the intervening years, Alloa audiences have experienced over 200 full-length plays ranging from the classics of Shakespeare, Ibsen and Chekhov to modern writing covering comedy, tragedy and satire.

In recent times, the Coach House has been used by other groups, including Tryst Theatre from Falkirk, and as a venue for local storytelling events. It also houses an immense collection of theatrical costumes and properties which are made available for hire at reasonable prices to other drama groups, schools and individuals.

Coach House Theatre foyer

Performances at The Coach House

The Alman Dramatic Club generally performs three productions each year (December, March and June).

63 seat auditorium

The unique experience of taking part in a production in the Coach House Theatre stems from the close proximity of performers and audience. It feels like you are watching theatre in your own front room.

Our audiences are always impressed with our imaginative sets and creative use of space.

1957 An Inspector Calls
An Inspector Calls, first production in the Coach House, 1957.